Louis Federal Reserve Board Average annual number of employed coal miners in the United States, By the end ofthe coal industry employed approximately 50, miners.

The average number of coal mining employees declined to 50, in Trends The U. Coal exports to China, formerly one of the major markets, declined from 8.

Like the Keystone Pipeline the building of the terminals raised environmental concerns with respect to global warming. The withdrawals were ascribed to loss of demand and consequent lower coal prices.

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Coal power in the United States In Other uses were industrial 4. Byelectrical generation from coal had declined to 1. Most of the decrease in coal electricity was offset by an increase in generation from natural gas -fired power plants. Federal coal lands are leased by competitive sealed bids, for the highest bonus initial payment offered.

The royalty is 8 percent for underground mines and He noted that the program had not had a “top-down review” for the past 30 years.

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BLM personnel noted that the coal mined in Utah was closer to its market, and so was more valuable due to lower transportation cost. Of the tracts leased since96 drew only a single bidder. This was attributed to the fact that most leased tracts were close to a single existing mine, and the large capital cost of installing a new mine discouraged competition.

The BLM can reject bids which do not meet its estimate of fair market value, and 18 of the coal tracts leased since were tracts re-bid after the BLM had rejected the initial bids as too low. However, the GAO found that some BLM offices did not have the personnel to prepare adequate estimates of market value.