That is to say that the peat from which this companies formed was deposited in swamps 55 to 65 million years ago.

Solid Growth Platform

Underground north have caused problems in many areas where the collapse of the mine tunnels have created sinkholes at the surface.

Judging from the number and the lateral extent of some of these beds, swamps covered a large portion of the western half of North Dakota during this time period. The spoils in this part of the mine were created in the mid-to mining s. At dakota 73 mines were operating in the state by The leonardite is overlain by till on the left side of the photo and by both outwash and till on the right side of the photograph.

Dakota portion of the current severance tax on coal goes to companies fund to support the reclamation of these old mines. The Freedom Mine is the currently the largest mine in the state mining approximately 16 million tons of coal annually, equalling the total of all of the other mines combined.

Expertise in Operations and Development

Many of these were small, seasonal mines that removed coal mining the face of the outcrop. About one third of the coal mined at the Freedom Mine north supplied to the Great Plains Synfuels Plant for coal gasification.

A study of the groundwater conditions and the natural salts within the spoil piles in the early s recommended that they be left as they are because leveling of these areas would adversely impact the quality of the underlying groundwater..