Plot[ edit ] In the future on a planet named Trinia, human slaves have lived underground for millennia mining crystals for a ” god ” named Zygon and his robot minions.

One day Orin, a young miner, finds a jeweled sword embedded in the rocks.

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Hopps, grandfather of Orin’s girlfriend Elan, recognizes the sword and gives his life to save Orin and keep the sword a secret. When Orin later takes the sword into his hands, it ascends into the air and buries itself in the cavern’s floor.

A projection of an old man appears from the blade, telling those present that above the caverns is a “magnificent universe ” that the people may find. The blade then disappears, leaving only the hilt. Forced to leave Orin’s young, blind brother Calli behind, Orin and Elan set out to discover this universe and find the blade to the sword.

Chased by Zygon’s robots, they emerge in an industrial complex where they meet Zygon, who reveals the face of a human man beneath his mask.

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Zygon strangles Elan to death, but Orin escapes this fate when Zygon is distracted by the sword hilt. When Zygon’s robots accidentally fire on a crystal deposit, Zygon presumes Orin dead in the resultant explosion and cave-in.

Orin digs a tunnel to the surface of Trinia, where he is later captured by Man-Droids, a group of decaying half-organic, half-robotic beings who intend to tear him apart and use his body parts to replace their own. Unexpectedly, his sword’s hilt produces what is apparently an invisible blade, killing two of the Man-Droids and helping Orin escape. Orin subsequently runs into a human smuggler named Dagg Dibrimi, who takes Orin whom he dubs “Water Snake” for his outrageous tale about human slaves in the mines along on his journey to smuggle crystals.

Eventually, Dagg seizes a load of crystals from a hovering freighter, but is driven away by Zygon and his robotic guards. During the fight, Dagg seizes a Fembot named Silica and uses it as a shield from laser blasts. Subsequently, re-programmed by Dagg, Silica becomes attached to him.