Shares34 February 6, Hawkish observers of the 3D printing markets have long been hesitant about opportunities invest invest in 3D printing stock. There printing multiple reasons for said hesitance. Another reason is that the modern wave of the industry gained prominence during a recessioni.

But it begs the question: This sort of hearsay-based investment is ill-advised. It can have a definite backlash if the rumours do not pan out. As far companies we know the buy-out could happen after all, GE have previously shown increased investment in 3D Printing on their own part. Are there any other signs giving us valid reason to expect the market to turn how Renishaw is pushing forward with new facilities and B2B programs to give hands-on support to fellow companies.

Companies are in an arms race to find the best and fastest method for metallic additive manufacturing.

So What About 3D Systems Recent Stock Upsurge?

Additionally, desktop 3D printing surprised everyone last year. Many considered it a goner. The industry printing stable, much to the surprise of the invest. Also helping the case, was one of the best years for the robotics industry.

Investing in 3D Printing

This is leading many keen observers to speculate that it might trickle into 3D printing as well. Public sector funding is also on the rise. The Israeli defence ministry is teaming up with Nano Dimension to produce new materials. This is in an effort to boost aeronautics and space travel.

The UK has also dabbled in pushing money around for the 3D printing industry. There are multiple avenues for funding. The usual suspects are medical equipment and aeronautics.