Florida may be florida poor state when it comes to gold prospecting opportunities, mining there are many other ways to locate gold in the state.

Recently Updated Mining Claims

But long ago, its owners discovered something special: Additionally, under Florida state regulations, metal detecting and other forms of searching are allowed between the edge of the dunes and the high tide mark on public beaches. On beaches that belong to state or federal parks, florida, preserves or military installations, gold with the park rangers or property managers before searching the sand.

In the early days of the colonization of the Americas, many ships gold valuable cargo were lost in storms and hurricanes along Florida’s coast. Our new eBook tells you where it can be found!

Golden Treasure on Florida’s Beaches

Break apart the sand to uncover the item or put it through a sifter. Ever since then, the ocean has been washing the treasure ashore. As well as mining filling in any holes, leave the beach as you found it, taking away any trash and keeping only the discovered treasures.

Also, almost any bar lying near harbor approaches on the Atlantic coast will yield sites.

Regulations and Laws

Distrust of banks during the Great Depression. Regulations and Laws In most cases, discovering ancient gold on a public beach in Florida florida a lucky windfall to the finder. Florida has a wonderful rich history relating to Spanish explorers, buried treasure, gold ship wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico. Search after a storm, if possible, when the ocean may have delivered new riches, and investigate mining soft sand at the high tide mark.

At the same time, ask who keeps any items found in case removing them isn’t allowed..