Tomorrow will take a look at some important issues you should consider before deciding to invest in BRK. That’s not much of a difference, and it certainly wouldn’t earn someone the title of “Oracle of Omaha. It comes along with enhanced capital restrictions and liquidity requirements.

The Success of Berkshire

A berkshire problem is that by the time you can be confident that the manager’s results are skill-based, not just the result of a lucky outcome, he’s probably managing a much larger amount of assets, which makes it harder to outperform. Over the next 10 yearsBRK. Berkshire is undoubtedly one of the largest insurance companies can the world and has exposure to large catastrophic events. Berkshire is different from these other companies that operate mainly in the insurance sector.

At the time of completing the acquisition, Precision Castparts Corp. The main core of the Berkshire empire is insurance.

Featured in Moneywatch

Forty years earlier, there was no way to know that invest would turn out to be the greatest investor of his generation.

And, while there have been many investment managers who have tried to mimic Buffett’s results, few have come close to replicating them. For related reading, see: If the stock were cheaper, those hathaway could jump with and out of positions..