List of Bitcoin HYIPs

The prizes will depend on the amount of chosen numbers. In case of bitcoin, there are too many unanswered question and until it begins to tick some of the investment boxes, it will remain a gamble. Furthermore, when registering you can participate on pools and also choose the numbers to your tickets. This means for example that, if all your bets lotto in our instant lottery tatalize more than 30 BTC and your position in our score system is between 61 andthe house edge for your next game will be 0.

High-yield Bitcoin investment programs

These are people who are bitcoin interested in the bitcoin rally. Quick money and wealth creation are two reasons cited by some of the people who have bought bitcoins, and are holding on.

Another friend has also put money in it. The tickets bought through these addresses will be played on the next draw.


If the transaction don’t receive 6 confirmations until the draw time, the tickets will be played on the draw after the next draw.

And the new players of our free lottery that reached our site without lotto referred will be invest referred by the player with the highest score until the next draw. This invest not the first time people have rushed after a trade in the hope of quick gains. Another example, if all your bets made in our instant lottery totalize more than BTC and you own the first position in bitcoin score system, the house edge for your next game will be 0.

I then explored bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So far, in case of bitcoin, people are simply chasing returns and not real value, as it is still unclear where it derives value from. One has to consider that there is no valid redressal mechanism.