Hopefully they’re still in your wallet where you left them, but the history of bitcoin is littered with human error, poorly implemented software and heists that would make even the most hardened of Wild West outlaws tip their hat in respect. CVE CVE meaning ‘common vulnerability and exposures’ was frighteningly simple and exploited to the point of farce by an unknown attacker. In technical language, the bug is known as a number overflow error.

Facepalm image via replygif. In layman’s terms, someone found a way to flood the code and create a ridiculously large amount of bitcoin in the process.

The fix was the bitcoin equivalent of dying in a video game and restarting from the last save point. The community simply hit ‘undo’, jumping back to the point in the blockchain before the hack occurred and starting anew from there; all of the transactions made after the bug was exploited — but before the fix was implemented — were effectively cancelled. How serious was it? Bitcoin’s lead developer Wladimir Van Der Laan is pretty blunt about it, telling me: Erm, this version of bitcoin doesn’t work with my old one Think about the amount of money being ploughed into bitcoin: Now think about the number of people who work full-time on the core protocol it’s two, by the way.

The most recent major issue occurred when Bitcoin Core version 0.

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Put simply, it wasn’t compatible with previous versions. That happened with bitcoin. As with the 92 billion bitcoin problem, the community sounded the alarm and forced a hard fork back to version 0. I’m going to keep this one short, because we all kind of know the score on this one. Originally founded as a trading card site, Mt.

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Trek-palm image via Giphy The outcome of this foolhardy approach to development? In a recent interview with the Wall Street JournalKarpeles was apologetic, saying that “the weakest point of my company was management” — which is code, for “me”.

It’s not hard to find people who don’t believe Mt. Gox was hacked and instead think that Karpeles ran off with the cash, but with a police investigation ongoing the truth will hopefully come out and we’ll know for certain just what went on at Mt.