StumbleUpon What is the B3 Coin? B3 Coin seams to be another shady company to watch out for.

How Does B3 Coin Work? The currency works on a annual striking rate. They claim to have active developers and designers that are supporting the community, but as said before they have basically frozen the network. Even when you go on the website you can check the current block of the new cryptocurrency.

It seams to be another empty promise to get people in. They use these current available exchanges like Cryptotopia, Coinexchange.

Capitalizing on concerns

They claim on the company website to have the fastest and most secure scrypt. But the reality is that most people have never heard of the network. Even on the website there is no real inclination on how the coin is traded.

Other open source cryptocurrencies that are legit typically will at least show you how things the currency is traded. They claim to use a SPV or simple payment verification to process payments and allows a lightweight client to verify the transactions. They use a simple Android app that is said to let you receive funds while on the go. They claim that in the first quarter of they will release B3 coin cods to help implement Segwit.

Which is a new first POS that will work with the Masternodes. From all reports B3coin seams to be a very untrustworthy site and cryptocurrency. The dividends are in the form of B3 and updated on a periodic basis that help improve services and the company.

The chances of it actually being 12 times faster and more secure than the Sha server is very doubtful.