However, you can potentially preserve and increase your wealth using different kind of investments such as equities, precious metals, Bitcoin, bonds, invest real estate among other things. This article provides insight on the past performance of Bitcoin, gold, and equities in order to show you how other investors have fared with the three assets.

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The article also provides equities into the potential performance of the three assets in order for you to know what you can expect going forward. Bitcoin VS Gold and Equities: Past Performance The chart above shows the performance of Bitcoin in relation to equities and gold in the year to bitcoin period since the equities opened for trading this year.

Dollar value of one Bitcoin based on transactional averages on major Bitcoin exchanges. I have bitcoin added the price performance of gold in U. In fact, astute investors will want to see decent proof that an investment has the potential to deliver good ROI in the future. It might interest you to know that Bitcoin has an impressive upside potential ahead and its upside potential makes it equities better investment that gold or equities.

Bitcoin VS Gold and Equities: Past Performance

Below are two factors that support invest bullish invest for Bitcoin. Increased volatility stemming from U. Trump could be rash and abrasive while Clinton could be cold, detached, and calculating. However, the instability invest the geopolitical landscape has increased the volatility in the equity markets.

Volatility is not good for equities; hence, investors are left with gold or Bitcoin investments equities a measure of stability.

Uncertainties surrounding Brexit I have already established that the upcoming U.

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However, the realities of the Brexit vote in which the U. A strong dollar makes gold expensive for potential buyers with currencies other than the greenback.

Hence, gold might suffer from bitcoin demand going forward when the realities of the Brexit vote starts bitcoin set in. The reduced demand for gold will hurt gold prices; hence, gold is not really a better alternative.

Smart investors will do well to invest in Bitcoin before the volatile nature of the U. More so, smart investors should start taking up positions in Bitcoin now before Britain begins the formal process of breaking away from the EU..