Maybe you just got an inheritance from a departed relative. Or maybe one of your lottery tickets actually hit. What should you do with it? How about starting a business?

Many entrepreneurs, possibly most, start with little to no capital when they launch their businesses. Many are on the cutting edge of excellent cuisine in the cities in which they operate. If you can afford it, go for running a food truck. Be aware, though, that a truck that can accommodate a mobile restaurant could put a serious dent into your budget. But you can consider buying a used one or financing or leasing a new one.

You can still move it around, but you might need to offer pre-prepared food instead of freshly cooked food. Still, placed in the right neighborhood for a day or an afternoon, a cart could do some good business. Food trucks are very popular, but pay attention to licensing laws.

Check the schedule for local fairs, festivals and cultural and sporting events, particularly anything happening outdoors. Do what you have to in order to gain entry to those events. Alternatively, consider setting up a route to local office parks. You can open a little place that has a nice selection of coffees and teas, and maybe some pastries and snacks. You could keep it open from early in the morning until just after lunch and catch the commuter and office crowds. Of course, the location of your business will be incredibly important.

In fact, it could be as small as a cart if you can find a way to efficiently store your product and your equipment. Or you could rent part of a space in an existing building or store. Consider the crowd you want to go after. Foot traffic will likely be critical for your business. Try to locate yourself in or near an office park, or in a part of a city with lots of pedestrians.

Coffee, tea, and pastries can be the perfect early morning snack for commuters.

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