In this district, a thick succession metamorphosed limestone, shale, and quartzite is intruded by granitic masses and overlain, at the southern margin of the district, by basalt.

The limestone is from the Carboniferous age.

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The Arizona gold deposits, which occur within shear zones in the sedimentary rocks, consist of small pocketed bodies of brecciated country rock, with chrysocolla, malachite, limonite, specularite, and flaky gold. Some of the pockets that have been found were very rich with gold. The Billy Mack mine is 8 miles by road northeast of Parker.

From tosome copper ore was shipped from the property to Swansea, Arizona, smelter. Between and the Illinois-Arizona Copper Company made a small production from the mine. The Lion Hill mine, held in by W. Manning and others, is south of the Billy Mack Mine and 7 miles by road northeast of Parker.

Between and the Illinois-Arizona Copper Company shipped some ore from the property. Sloan operated a 25 ton amalgamation mill on the property.

The total production according to Mr. The deposit outcrops near the top of a low ridge of metamorphosed limestone that has been considerable faulted and jointed.

Rio Vista Northside Mine: The Rio Vista Northside property of twelve claims, is west of the Lion Hill mine and 5 miles by road northeast of Parker. In a foot tunnel was put in and three cars of gold-copper ore were produced.

The Capilano property is west of Rio Vista, at the end of a low ridge. The mine had a small production of rich gold-copper ore.