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Environmentalists have raised public awareness of illegal sand mining in the states of MaharashtraMadhya Pradesh [34] and Goa of India.

Ravian Indian Administrative Service officer of the Karnataka state, who was well known for his tough crackdown on the rampant illegal sand mining in the Kolar districtwas found dead at his residence in Bengaluruon March 16, It is widely alleged that the death is not due to suicide but the handiwork of the mafia involved in land grabbing and sand mining.

It exports about 30 million tonnes of iron ore annually. Meanwhile, Indian government loosened the regulation on iron ore trading. These aspects, along with other factors like spot contractresulted in the doubled export of iron ore between and In order to maintain the sustainability of mining, Indian government set up a series of regulations included in Act of Parliament in According to Act of Parliament, mining companies had to obtain the lease for 20 years in maximum from the Indian Government, otherwise, their mining behaviors were not allowed.

Discrete corporate social actions means corporate social actions are not a part of the core strategy in companies, so companies are more likely to take social actions by setting up their own foundation. Their most common take was to invest in social and environmental projects, such as environmental sustainability, healthcare and educational support.

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For instance, MFG totally invested Rs. In some ways, they contributed a lot to the society through these projects, such as creating ponds, donating books and equipment to the schools.

However, MFG was unwilling to give further support to maintain their results. On the other hand, farmers preferred to receive money from mining companies, whereas mining companies wanted to provide technical assistance.

The Ban[ edit ] InShah Commission visited Goa, and soon they found several important facts that existed in Goa’s mining industry. Some mining companies continued mining even if their leases were expired, some were mining outside the permissive mining area. Based on these negative impacts caused by mining industry, the state government shut down all 90 iron ore mines in Goa.

Result and Conclusion[ edit ] The ban on mining industry directly resulted in a huge lost on government revenue, which is up to Rs. WATER When sulfide is oxidized through contact with air via mining, it forms sulfuric acid and when this is combined with trace elements, it has a negative impact on groundwater.