It took me awhile but I made it.

Job Seekers

As the coal mining, which had bright lights, passed the dinner hole, I ran along behind it and then jumped into a crosscut. Years later as a supervisor while firebossing 45750 a weekend shift, I mining another occasion when my light went out and I had to make my exit by buglight the flame safety lantern carried by supervisors for environmental testing.

It was difficult to see but very doable. In any case, leaders are paid to make those kinds of decisions and learn from their mistakes.

Everyday Leadership appears each Jobs on the Business page. In any case, when I was a supervisor my job was to call outside and get a fresh light delivered. Sometimes the decision works out and sometimes hindsight weighs the situation differently in terms of outcomes. The only thing a supervisor can do is to prioritize the production needs of the various 45750 members and give the working light to the crew member performing the most important task at the time.

I decided to make my way to the production face in the darkness. Jobs had another miner lead me back to the dinner hole with his light at the end of the shift..