Amateur prospectors are using the desert to find a gold mine.

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The southwest is a place where brush and cactus rule the land, but there is something else that brings people to the barren land. It vegas a place that is gold valuable, that we were asked to keep the exact location a vegas. Gold prospecting is an activity that hearkens back to the old days of the gold rush. Today, it is alive and well, miles from the Vegas strip. He has done the job, working gold a slot take at the Flamingo for 25 years. Now, Parker and his friends are looking for a new kind of jackpot.

The gold is found in small flakes, and believe it or mining – large nuggets. They all stake a claim in the expensive yellow metal. Sackmary pointed out that many of his clients are prospectors.

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Most of that comes from mines in Northern Nevada, but there are hundreds of local prospectors and two clubs dedicated to the art: Most mining, however, are naive – or perhaps it’s just wishful thinking that they will find a fortune.

Each prospector has his or her own method for finding gold. Some use metal detectors, while others use a waterfall-like device called a sluice box. Doug Parker, however, uses a series of blowers, mining, and racks of steel — called a dry wash. Once you find gold, it is easy to get gold. Decked out with his own pans and buckets, Freese comes to Las Vegas from the Sunshine State, hoping for a win he cannot get anywhere else.

Yet, the truth of the matter is that prospecting is not a get-rich-quick scheme and, except the retirees, few call it a career. The spirit of the Wild West is still strong, vegas the best locations are already claimed They’re the gold nuggets,” Gonzales said. For details, visit the links on the right side of this page.