One important thing that you must know about VEGA 64 cards is that they are limited to 2 units per user. You can have a look mining my article on best mining motherboards. Their recent 13 GPU mining motherboard was a huge success. This motherboard has vega total of 1x PCI-Express 2.

AMD is also selling the Bitcoin mining-optimized Mining RX 470 graphics card through Asus

Also, this motherboard is vega very low incomparison to other mining motherboards. These bitcoin help us to arrange the graphics cards on our mining rig frame. But make sure that you dont buy them sepeately. Buy them with other mining of the rig. Bitcoin mining efficiency will be the same with both of them.


Intel Celeron Processor We do need a processor to run our mining rig. It is only required to boot up and run the mining software. Also, mining need LGA socket supportable processor as our motherboard need.

This processor does support our motherboard. I have observed people buying LGA processor for this motherboard which does not support it.

Although you can use HDD for mining rig, but they are slower in terms of speed. The reason I recommend you to mining SSD is that when you vega your first mining rig you will have to restart your mining rig several times. To reduce your boot time it is important to go with SSD.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooled Edition

In some cases, your mining rig may turn off! Time is very important in mining. Another good example of SSD is that they use very less energy. But SSD will not disappoint you with the given price range.