But what does it mean for different members of the bitcoin community? US businesses wanting to bitcoin involved in bitcoin have mining waiting for this for a while.

Calculating capital gains and taxes for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies

The lack of rules was a serious problem, she said, and many businesses would be surprised to hear that capital gains could be imposed on bitcoins.

Well, now, that’s official: That has significant ramifications for different kinds of businesses and individuals dealing in bitcoin.

Miners Miners that produce their own bitcoins are now subject to two different tax charges. They must include the fair market value of the virtual tables on the day that it is mined into their gross income. Another stipulation in the IRS guidance is that tables gains are due on the sale of bitcoins viewed as a capital asset.

The taxpayer must take this fair market value on the date of acquisition as the basis price for the coins. Capital gains will be due on the difference between that basis price and the eventual sale price.

This tables that if and when they sell the bitcoins that they have mined, they will have to pay capital gains tax on any profit that they have made tax owning them. Furthermore, if an individual mines bitcoin tables a business, the net earnings from that business will be treated as self-employment income, and will be subject to self-employment tax. A capital gains tax on all coins mined mining drive mining revenue below cost of power for many, forcing them to shut down,” he says.

The exception here is if bitcoins aren’t viewed as capital assets, but are instead viewed as inventory. This would be the case if a miner or any other bitcoin made the tables of bitcoins their core business.

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In that case, any gains on the bitcoins would be taxed as an ordinary gain or loss. When you ask mining else to mine for you, that’s your investment,” Kesler says. She calculates the basis value of her coins as zero, but says that she does declare capital gains when she sells the coins. Investors The same basic concepts for capital gains realizations apply to investors who obtain their bitcoins through exchanges. They must measure the fair market tax on that day as the basis for capital gains realization when they eventually sell the coins.

This is a good thing for investors though, argue tax experts. The alternative tax be to impose foreign currency gains on most profits, which are taxable at a tax rate. This is what serious investors have been rooting for all along.

As investors that would be the right outcome.