You can now trade crypto securities on Coinbase. When will we get an ETF? Genesis had a huge win last week as securities regulators in South Carolina dismissed their cease-and-desist orders from March.

The move, according to CoinDesk, marks the first time the state dropped such orders against a blockchain startup. It was only 10 years ago that the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the now-famous whitepaper that led to the creation of bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mining Calculator and Profitability Calculator

Volatility is still roughly six times as high as large-cap stocks and gold in a single trading session and 11 times as high in the day period. As I told Market One Media recently, the space remains speculative, but there are opportunities for tremendous upside. The reward automatically halves everyblocks. At the present mining rate, the next halving is estimated to occur in Mayafter which the reward will drop to 6.

It generally reflects the pace at which new miners are joining the network. Blockchain technology, remember, guarantees the validity of these new virgin coins. Imagine if stock trading were as quick, efficient, and worry-free as crypto-mining. BACand other big banks are rushing to patent blockchain processing systems of their own.

Look at the chart below. The bitcoin hash rate has continued to grow at an astonishing pace despite the selloff, suggesting miners are still very bullish on future prices. In July, the number of operations passed above 45 trillion per second for the first time ever.