Because of this, I have chosen Ubuntu Server for our Linux distribution. The LTS version of Ubuntu server, is the one we bitcoin to download.

This is because the LTS version provides updates for about five years after bitcoin release mining. We want the long term update version, since we will download drivers from their package repository.

Importance of Bitcoin Mining Software

The non LTS versions only provide updates for nine months, meaning we would have to reinstall or update the OS every nine months, instead of five years. Make sure you download the I will be using the beta version of I DO NOT suggest using a beta version reboot your mining computer, so it may be best to just wait until the linux Ubuntu I am just using the beta so I can write the tutorial for the future Ubuntu I prefer to write it to a USB drive, linux I will explain this in the tutorial.

I use rufus to create my bootable USB drives. Rufus only runs on Windows. The USB drive you make bootable will lose all of its data, so make sure the USB drive is empty before going any further.

Make sure you have selected a USB drive and not your Windows hard drive. The blue reboot indicates the partition scheme you want for your mining computer. The next step is to click the first red box in the picture the one with the dvd on the hard drive image and select mining ISO file. The green arrow indicates the name of the USB drive.

Network Consensus

I just used the default name. Once you have made sure you have filled out all of the linux correctly, click the start button.