When money is controlled from a central place, there is also minting. The controlling authority also controls the supply of money. All these things do not happen when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

In cryptocurrencies, there is a select group of people called miners who have the responsibility of creating new coins. How does Litecoin mining work? Bitcoin mining has become expensive, and people are looking to diversify their investments, and Litecoin mining is one of the most popular alternatives.

See how you can start as a Litecoin miner. All the transactions in done in the Litecoin network are combined into units called blocks.

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When all the blocks come together, they form the Litecoin blockchain. Whenever a new transaction occurs, the miners have to verify it for it to form a complete block. Every time a block is complete, the miners receive a reward which is their incentive for spending their time and resources to proof transactions. This system of rewarding miners is called the proof of reward system.

What is the Litecoin mining difficulty? The Litecoin mining difficulty is an algorithm that updates according to the networks hashing power. It also ensures there is no surplus mining that leads to a price drop after a massive price increase.

I want to start mining where do I start? There are three main ways you can use to get started as a Litecoin miner.

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You can choose any depending on your financial capability. Solo mining As the name suggests, you go into mining by yourself.

You purchase the equipment, pay for electricity and other overheads on your own. On the flipside, it is capital intensive, and a shoestring budget will not work in this case. So if you do not plan on investing a fortune, you may consider the other options we will see. Join a mining pool Here, you join a group of other miners and you pool your resources to purchase the equipment you will need.

You also get to split the overhead costs such as electricity among yourselves. The downside of joining a mining pool is that you will have to share the rewards with everyone in the pool.