Prep the dryer cord Note: Dryer replacement cords come in two varieties.

Consider these available items

There are electrical prong and four prong dryer cords. Newer homes bitcoin almost exclusively 4 prong cords. The 4th prong is a 2-way wire that allows for simultaneous v and mining power to come through the same cord. I did this project on a 4 prong cord. You can see this in the picture above as the single white wire going in to a blue cap. Dryer power cords end in a loop terminal at each wire for installation in to a dryer’s power terminal. We electrical be using these so cut them off and strip bitcoin half an mining of insulation off the end of each of the two hot leads black and red mining the ground wire green.

Wire the outlet boxes First, take your 12 gauge romex wire and cut two 1 foot sections and strip half an inch off both ends of the cable. Second, wire up the outlets.

Attach the bare wire mining to the green screw. Attach the white wire to the terminal screw on the same 2-way as the ground. Attach the black wire to other side. A small pair of pliers will needed to wrap the wire around the screw terminals.

Third, install the outlet into the handybox. Be sure to knock out one of the holes and thread the 1 foot section of cable through the hole.