When one constructs a business plan what are they trying to convey? Well, the most important bit of information you want to impart to an investor is that it will be possible to repay the loan in a timely fashion. For instance, it is not uncommon for users to seek loans based on cloud-mining, often requiring long-periods prior to repayment, but borrowers often fail to provide the calculations that have led them to believe their own investment in mining will pay off.

When one considers that many investors, especially those with large Bitcoin reserves, were likely miners at some point in the past themselves, it is crucial that they can see your long-term game plan. Small sellers, such as those running an Ebay store, could speed up their own loans by listing their current sales, expected sales arising from new stock, and important sales-periods relating to their business such as Christmas.

Furthermore, it is no harm assuring readers that one has the potential to repay the loan through others means as is common on many peer-to-peer lending sites. It is important that people know you are not recklessly putting all your eggs in one basket. Keep in mind you are trying to discover the best means of how to get a Bitcoin loan. Another, all too often overlooked, element of securing a loan to set your business in motion is providing as much personal information as is feasible.

It sometimes happens that a decent proposal for a loan is posted, but there is a certain vagueness attached to the poster. This is always going to be detrimental in a world where, and this cannot be stressed enough, the point is to convince your peers that you are a better investment than what might be a similarly proposal, but with more security.

In other words, given the choice between two equally interesting proposals for investment one is more likely to go with the one that has more specifics. To help you in this regard see the following excellent guide to completing the perfect application. For instance, a strong proposal will include as much social media about the borrower as possible. If this seems intrusive then one misses the point that peer-to-peer lending is contingent upon reputation. The longer one has been around online, perhaps with an operative Ebay store of standing, the more the investor is assured this is a viable venture.

This may not necessarily even mean posting explicitly personal information, but simply showing that your business or previous businesses have a history.

There are quite a few bitcoin lending platforms online. We only list the most popular and reliable p2p networks.

Another option is to find someone to do the loan deal on one of the popular bitcoin-related forums or by meeting someone personally. Bitcoin lending platforms These peer-to-peer platforms bring together bitcoin lenders and borrowers. They operate worldwide and are a safe and instant way to get a loan or to invest your bitcoins. BitBond is another global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform where small businesses get affordable loans while lenders earn profitable interest rates.

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