March 31, By Mark D. Roberts Today we finish our devotional study of Genesis. Ironically, this is also the final day of the first year of the Life for Leaders devotions. March 30, By Mark D. Roberts Every time I come upon Genesis It captures in a nutshell the superior sovereignty and generous grace of God.

It offers encouragement for us in our work and in every part of life. And it calls us to worship the God whose intentions are truly marvelous. March 29, By Mark D. From this starting point, we reflected on the power of our words to bless others or to hurt them. This power is expressed, not just within family systems, but also in the workplace. With words, we can build each other up or tear each other down.

March 28, By Mark D. Roberts Words have power. With your words you can wound and weaken the people who matter most in your life, such as your colleagues and subordinates, your family members and friends, your neighbors near and far.

Or you can use your words to bless those who are close to you, to build them up, encourage, and energize them.

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March 27, By Mark D. Roberts If we think beyond the Easter celebrations to the reality being celebrated, Easter may turn out to be more relevant to work than we first think. In my experience, today feels a bit like an intermission in a play. Lots of drama happened before; lots of drama is yet to come. March 25, By Mark D.