StumbleUpon WeatherBlock develops a weather system by use of advanced weather station Internet of things devices, blockchain technologyand a unified community delegated consensus. The decentralized model for weather data exchange provided by WeatherBlock will market, transact, and reward those who will be part of the system.

The citing quality and conditions of equipment used to get data by known weather industry players are unknown.

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Another challenge is lack of a marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet in a trusted environment to interact and transact based on their needs. The macro data used is often not accurate, and most people do not trust their local weatherman. BloomSky as one of the key private sector weather databases will give high integrity weather Nano data with images. The source of data comes from crowdsourced BloomSky stations.

The device owners directly supply the data to the BloomSky cloud. The weather block solution defines the requirements and objectives of a data exchange marketplace. This marketplace is built upon the expressive consent of direct method approach that is centred on three primary stakeholders including the provider of data or the device owner, the requestor of data or the data buyer and the facilitator such as organizations like BloomSky who seek raw data to train models.

The blockchain technology provides a decentralized network for crowdsources and hyper-local weather data. The environment will also allow for peer-to-peer transactions the use of the technology also provides commerce integrity in the weather data exchange and market. Further, the use of cryptocurrency over fiat currency will enable micro-transactions. The WeatherBlock system provides the benefits below for those who choose to be participants of the ecosystem: BloomSky owners can monetize their data turning sunk cost to an opportunity to make money or get their return on investment in the IoT sensors Data buyers will have access to data and have options to monetize this data for the benefit of large and small businesses Data enrichers will get an ecosystem that they can use to market train or sell products and services to the right buyers.

This offer will be for the first customers. The others will buy the token at 1ethWXB. Data providers will be able to earn bonuses in the form of tokens for the provision, verification, and storage of data in the nexus node.

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Participants can also earn token bonuses for block production. The digital coin for the decentralized peer-to-peer weather market ecosystem and will be used in the platform: As a means of settlement of data sales between the requestor and the provider Exchange, verify and store the weather data, services, and information For settling transactions in the network by use of smart contracts Can be traded on the ecosystem for function in the weather industry and digital assets.

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