Recently Nicholas has been bitten by the bitcoin bug and is contemplating various arbitrage and financial strategies such as the strategy described in the end of the article. Two energetic entrepreneurs sit at the crossroads of finance, cryptocurrency, banking, securities, and technology. Over the next couple of days, I executed a trade with a lot of help from Delo. My two-day experiment with cryptocurrency derivative trading exposed some of the opportunity and peril of a new financial age.

Not only has an extremely sophisticated trading algorithm been developed, but so far it seems to have been virtually error and theft free.

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In BitMEX one sees the reality of a libertarian utopian vision: Delo and Hayes are as nice and helpful as can be and the service you get is much better than anything one would expect from a business with very few employees, no known office address and a bunch of leased servers.

In my case, I knew enough to slow it down and ask the extremely good customer support if I was doing what I thought I was doing. But, basically, in this open and free market environment, a math Ph. Two Very Focused Personalities Ben Delo was born into a family of scientists and only one brother of many siblings, by his account, was artistically inclined.

Ben attended Oxford with a first in Computer Science. By contrast, says Ben, Oxford is very focused and rigorous on your major. Those degrees are very specialized. I took more theoretical computer science, studying programming languages, compilers, computation complexity and pure mathematics.

Ben Delo was quite adamant about the site being cryptocurrency only. Levenstein with Hayes left and Delo center showing off a prize! As significant as the training Messrs.