The actual photographs are stored as jpeg files.

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The Photograph id is the key attribute that links the photographs to the other tables. The Projects table provides information on Bureau of Geology projects. Project ID is the key attribute that links the projects tables to the other tables. Available Data The available data for this database are from a variety of published and unpublished reports and miscellaneous files in our mining archives, and include information on location, production, reserves, resource potential, significant deposits, geology, geochemistry rock, water, etc.

Since the database includes location information, the database can be added to GIS and incorporated with other GIS layers and databases, such as the New Mexico Geochronology database, the New Mexico Petroleum database, geologic maps, topography, igneous rocks database, geophysical data, and remote sensing. Quality Control The most difficult task is maintaining quality control of both the data being entered into the database and of the database itself.

Quality control QC is a system of procedures, checks, audits, and corrective actions to ensure that data are collected, stored, and analyzed in an acceptable manner, and that technical aspects and reporting are adequate.

The main objectives of a QC program are to: All of these objectives can be met with relational databases such as the New Mexico Mines Database. Our staff will check the database as it is being developed to ensure that data are being entered accurately.

Misuse Of Data One of the concerns about releasing these data is that the general public will have ready access to locations of inactive mines. Recreation in or around inactive mine sites is extremely dangerous, and can result in serious injury or death. Stay out and stay alive! Chemical data provided in the New Mexico Mines Database must be used with extreme caution. Although we strive to provide accurate and complete data, problems may still exist.

Rarely do these data meet regulatory and statutory regulations and requirements that are required by government agencies at mine sites. This geochemical database can not be used in place of those regulations and statutory requirements.

Many of the solid chemical data reported represent select, high-grade samples from the mine and are not always representative of the mineral deposit. The chemical data originate from a variety of sources, agencies, and individuals, as cited, and thus reflect variable unknown quality in many cases.

Production and reserve data also are provided in the database and must be used with caution.

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Mining production records and reserve data are generally of poor quality, particularly for the earliest times and many early records are conflicting. These production and reserve figures represent the best data available and were obtained from published and unpublished sources NMBGMR file data. However, production figures and reserve data are subject to change as new data are obtained. Specific questions regarding chemical, production, and reserve data should be sent to the senior author.

District production is available aspart of the supplementary material for Resource Map 24 and can be downloaded.