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“mining” translation into French

France is located in Western Europe. The total area of the country iskm2, excluding its territories. The population of France is 65, as of July The country enjoys moderate summers and winters.

The national flag of France. France holds a significant place among the European countries and is rich in natural resources including uranium, coal, iron ore, bauxite, zinc, antimony, arsenic, potash, feldspar, gypsum, and fluorspar.

France has always been keen on a capitalistic market and the financial crisis of largely affected its economy. France is slowly moving from a mineral producing nation to a mineral processing one.

There are hardly any major mining operations in mainland France. Overview of Resources Stabilization of international minerals and metal pricing in recent times led to an increase in production activities within France.

Example Sentences Including ‘mining’

The key mineral commodities and their production statistics for are as follows: Industrial Minerals and Gemstones Imerys S. Due to a lull in the construction sector incement consumption in France reduced by 2. There are about 59 active nuclear power plants as of in France, capable of producing In the past, uranium was mined in nearly sites in the country. Uranium ore mining came to an end by as most of the recoverable reserves were depleted. Environmental monitoring of old uranium mines in France is currently underway.

Investment The catastrophic earthquake, subsequent tsunami and nuclear plant leak in Japan has alerted France to take stock of its nuclear plants. Areva, a nuclear technology company owned by the French government, is working towards redeveloping and replanting mine sites.