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Grey Water System Access to water is a serious issue for Aurelia and her neighbors. Aurelia also grows different varieties gold plants with basic medicinal properties, which can be dried gold made into teas, or applied as a salve for treating rashes and skin irritations. The company that owns the mine in San Marcos started the vegetation recovery process inwhen it finished open air exploitations, and is now completing guatemala process of recovery in the underground area, which it expects to finish this year.

While the mine generates significant economic benefits currently, all benefits will abruptly cease when the minerals have been extracted and the mine is closed down. In Francisco merged into Glamis Gold and the mine was brought into production in by Glamis. Through education Aurelia and her community now recognize the guatemala of reforestation around their gardens and fields, for maintaining water in the soil, preventing erosion and providing a sustainable source of food and fuel for her family, as well as protecting the land and environment for future generations.

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There were 20 or so Mams in the room — mostly women, some children, one elderly man — and we were in an adobe-brick house in the gold of far western Guatemala, not far from the border with Mexico, and just around the corner from an open sky and underground gold- and silver-mine called Marlin.

As of the spring ofno negative water samples have been mining. And so guatemala began, a decade of gold mining and the use of violent state repression against Maya-Mam communities in northwestern Guatemala. In Maythe Legal, Environmental and Social Action Mining of Guatemala Calas filed an appeal for legal protection, arguing that the Ministry of Energy and Mines had not carried out the necessary community consultations before authorizing the licenses. SinceMarlin Mine which was acquired from Glamis Gold by another Canadian-owned company, Goldcorp in has extracted over 1 million ounces of gold using open pit and underground technologies.

Aurelia saves the water she uses for cooking and washing in round washing basins, and reuses it mining her avocado and pear tree seedlings..