Jerome[ edit ] American Indians used copper minerals of the Verde district at modern-day Jerome as pigment to decorate skin and textiles. The first European to visit the area is thought to be Spanish explorer Antonio de Espejowho found silver at a location in central Arizona in Clark of Montana visited the district inbought it, and reopened the mine. The smelter at Clarkdale was built in After the Gadsden Purchase brought the southern Arizona into the United States inthe mine was reopened inand shipped high-grade ore to Swansea in Wales.

However, the remote desert location made mining generally uneconomic without onsite treatment. The area was mostly idle until the New Cornelia mine opened in as the first large open-pit mine in Arizona. Mining continued in the district until The district produced 6.


Clifton-Morenci district[ edit ] Prospectors from Silver City, New Mexico discovered copper mineralization at Morencialso known as the Greenlee district in Mining began the following year, and miners extracted and smelted high-grade copper ore until a railroad reached the district in and a concentrator made mining and processing of low-grade ore economical.

Production began in after a rich discovery of copper oxide on the Copper Queen claim. The success of the Copper Queen mine convinced Phelps Dodge to buy the adjacent Atlantic claim in Phelps Dodge later bought control of the Copper Queen and adjacent claims.

Although Phelps Dodge was the largest mining company in Bisbee, it was not the only one. The Calumet and Arizona Mining Company organized in March, and operated several large and profitable mines adjacent to the Copper Queen. The Copper Queen mine, Bisbee’s first working mine, was also its last. Mining stopped inalthough the Copper Queen still offers tours. The Warren district is credited with having produced 7.

The silver mines shut down inbut the following year copper mining took over. The copper deposits consist of malachite and chrysocolla as grain coatings in the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone. They were first mined on a small scale by Mormon settlers in the 19th century, then briefly inand again The district produced aboutpounds of copper and a small amount of silver. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

November Significant active Arizona copper mines inby order of output:.