Gold Reprint of this Story April 30, The mine, located about three miles north of Kershaw, hasn’t been active since the south s.

But Canada-based Romarco Minerals bought it inconfident that advancements in technology could help turn the mine into a gold producer again. The company has confirmed that the mine and surrounding land contain mining least 4 million ounces of gold, making it one of the more significant gold discoveries in the United States in the past decade, Mining President and CEO Diane Garrett said. Romarco expects the mine to produce at leastounces per year for at least 12 years starting in SIGN Gold The expansion will create jobs during construction and another permanent jobs once the south is fully operational, Garrett said.

Pending those outcomes, Garrett said, the month construction process is expected to start by the end of mining year. Lancaster County gave Romarco a fee-in-lieu-tax agreement for carolina Haile project. County officials are hopeful of the possibilities, given the county’s The hope is that the Haile operation will attract a variety of new businesses, not just companies to help the mine, Tunnel said.

A new industrial park planned nearby will make gold ideal landing spot for spin-off businesses, he said. The employment office has an exclusive hiring agreement with the company and is compiling a list of people interested in working there, Parkman said.

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Some hiring has started already, but the bulk won’t start until late this year or early inParkman said. It’s very exciting,” she said. The mine operated again from to Gold modern mining didn’t begin there until the mids, when Haile became jobs first commercial-scale gold mine in South Carolina.

The mine ceased gold operations in the early s under then-owner Piedmont Mining Co. Carolina gold discovery in the United States has slowed since the s. Romarco learned of the Haile site when it was carolina in Nevada, Garrett said.

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Mining mines weren’t reaching the potential company officials had hoped, and Romarco’s jobs recommended they investigate Haile because significant gold had been found there before and there likely was lots more yet undiscovered. The history of the region and improvements in mining technology have convinced Romarco officials they will find success in Lancaster County.

The new technology allows gold to be extracted from dirt and rock, a technique that didn’t exist until Also, Romarco can dig more than 1, carolina underground. Previous jobs at the site south limited to around feet.

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Romarco already has 57 workers on site, plus 50 contractors. The company plans to hire locally for the new jobs, too, starting with the construction phase.