Contact us Projects Artisanal gold mining takes place in a number of areas in South Sudan, and is an activity that contributes to securing the livelihoods of rural families.

This basin covers an approximate area of square kilometers oriented in a NE-SW direction.

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It has been known for its abundant natural resources including the widespread artisanal mining of gold. With its proven geological attributes, the Luri Equatoria Basin will be featured as our initial exploration project with an expected yield of thirty million ounces of pure, high quality coarse grained gold free of mercury or cyanide. Greater Kapoeta is the name given eastern the eastern half of Eastern Equatoria, and was at one time an administrative region with headquarters in the town of Kapoeta.

There are eastern mining sites in Kapoeta East and South, however pure gold nuggets and larger grains of gold can be found in Greater Kapoeta, throughout the year. Currently there has been mostly artisanal and small-scale exploration mining taking place in the rural areas of Kapoeta, however as government and privately funded research show the potential gold gold yield in Kapoeta state is over mining hundred million ounces.

The company will focus its effort toward maximizing profits by mining extensively in Kapoeta. These areas will be targeted based upon updated research on highest yield potential for surface mining while posing the least risk for miners and the company.

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Operations will commence by equatoria two small-scale machinery with 50 ton per hour capability. About four months later, two additional small-scale machinery will be stationed in Kapoeta area. Thereafter, another two small-scale machines will be placed in locations designated by the Government.

Concurrently, 4MB Mining will develop a large-scale mining with ton per hour capability in the Luri and Kapoeta areas as well. As we make progress, two additional machineries will be added every four months culminating in a total of twelvesuch machineries spread throughout different locations.

Gold mining begins in South Sudan

With the National Bank of the Republic of South Sudan, we will be setting up a gold refinery and depository in the capital city of Juba that will produce a capacity of 30 kilograms per mining and protect such reserves from theft. Furthermore, the machinery is built to rigorous standards that are designed to last under the most extreme conditions.

They are also economical, practical, and easy to operate with low maintenance and with rapid field assembly and installation.