They simply bleed their value away slowly sometimes rapidly. Take this into account when holding Alts for the medium and long term, and of course choose them carefully. What kind of Alts are recommended for the long term? Remember, this is only when there is a reason for making a trade. Such periods are likely to be a consolidation period by the whales, and when the right time comes, accompanied by a good press release of the project, the pump will start and they will sell in profit.

A word about public ICOs crowd-sales: Many new projects choose to make a crowd-sale where they offer investors an early opportunity to buy a share of the project tokens or coins in what is meant to be a good price for the tokens. The motivation for the investors is that the token will be traded from day one on the exchanges and would yield a nice profit to the ICO participants. In recent years, there have been many successful ICOs, both the project itself and especially in measuring the yield for investors.

Coins doubled, or tripled, their value and much more in relation to their value on the crowd sale. Not all the projects benefit their investors. Many ICOs proved to be complete scams, not only were they not being traded at all but some projects disappeared with the money and we have not heard from them right up to this day.

So how do you know if you should invest in an ICO? Pay attention to the Bitcointalk thread does it exist at all? Is there a large community behind the project? Expect to see a Slack gathering its community. Watch out the amount raised: And most importantly is risk management.

Never put all eggs in one basket and invest too much of your portfolio in one ICO. A final tip — practical steps to implement right away: In Poloniex exchange, the difference is 0. Traders with no pressure: Pressure almost always creates losing trades. Wait for the next opportunity, you will get there. Setting goals and placing sell orders: After a short while the market recovered slightly and anyone who had low buy these low orders could easily double or triple their investment. Buy the rumor, sell the news.

When major news sites publish articles it is usually exactly the right time to actually get out of the trade.