First, WHY do you want to create an altcoin? This is a starting point. Can you commit yourself to maintaining a release? Bitcoin has some stability because Bitcoin has a majority of the hashing power on the planet devoted to it. Reading code every day is preparation. The only way you can find your way around it fast enough to make fixes is if you know it inside and out. Now, with all that said, this article will cover only the beginning of the process: You have to read the code until you understand it well enough to make them yourself.

Get the Source Code Open up a command line shell. Make a new directory in your home directory named src. So your first three command lines are cd mkdir src cd src Now use your web browser to go to https: Its name should be bitcoin Copy it into your new directory and unpack it using the commands: And the last command makes a clone of the bitcoin You should use whatever you want thename of your new altcoin to be for the name of this directory.

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Get the stuff the code depends on Next, you need to get all the stuff that building Bitcoin depends on. The first line makes you root, because root has the permission to modify sources. The second line changes sources.

The third line tells Debian to download all the meta-information about those sources, so it knows what the build process for these packages require.

The fourth and fifth lines tell it to download and install all the stuff you would need to build the sid Bitcoin source code package. The cheat is that the dependencies are the same, so this is an easy way to get everything you need to build. And the last line is to quit being root. Test build to make sure your setup works The next step is build Bitcoin just to make sure you got everything.

Here are some more command lines. Some of these may take a few minutes to run to completion; this is normal. There was already an aclocal. Finally make actually uses the makefile that you just built using.