Yes, I have had other opinions Reviewing the post-operative images, the authors have done a tremendous job to restore some of the sagittal balance and to recreate some lordosis through the use of trade cages implanted at L2-L3 and L2-3.

The severest degeneration appears to be at L2-L3 and L3-L4, which probably is the focus of the patient’s pain based on the short-term relief from the epidural and facet injections at these levels.

Or it could be that I’ve just caught some intestinal flu bug.

Does Spinal Fusion Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

Someone who had spinal surgery a year or two ago has not had time to develop the full experience of what happens afterward. The goal of surgery should include restoring some fusion the sagittal balance and attempt to correct the coronal plane deformity without causing overall imbalance or over alignment.

However, the lack of lordosis throughout the lumbar spine suggests there may be some lumbar imbalance altcoin positive sagittal balance. I was just standing and felt my lower back lumbar drop. Direct spinal decompression or a realignment procedure would certainly help relieve some of the stenosis. For patients who experience pain in the fusion lower region of the spine caused by conditions such as degenerative disc disease or l2-3 herniated discsurgery may become an option if conservative treatments such as medication or physical therapy have not brought relief after weeks or months.

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Those joints that are not fused will have trade make up for the lack of movement hypomobility of the spine and the altcoin joints by allowing structural changes that result in greater than normal movement hypermobility elsewhere. For your second opinion about the need and value of spinal surgery you need to make an appointment to actually see another doctor for a complete history and examination.

I’m on MotrinRobaxim,and Valium. In this sense you will be able to bend your back, but it will certainly not be normal. For example, a fusion from L3 through S1 would put the L2-L3 level of the spine at risk for degeneration and causing future pain..