The Poloniex Interface to place orders. Once you register at Poloniex, you will be provided with a number of wallet addresses for each coin listed on the exchange.

You can transfer Bitcoins from your personal wallet to the exchange address to start trading. Risks of Cryptocurrency Trading Most Bitcoin holders know that it is a volatile currency. Altcoins are more volatile than Bitcoin and can lose big parts of their value in a matter of seconds. Bitcoin is an established currency, so it can recover from a big price fall. The same cannot be said for all altcoins.

A destabilization could be catastrophic to some. I encourage all readers to carefully evaluate the risks and the chances before they start trading. Prices can go down for a few days and rise back up later, so it is not the best strategy to sell your coins when their price is low even if the trend may suggest a further drop in prices, analyze whether it is worth selling you coins at a loss.

Here is an example provided by Poloniex: Suppose you bought LTC at a price of 0. How can you hold your LTC, but make sure you get out if a crash comes? This is how you win again, and again!

No voodoo priests necessary. Is that coin worth buying? The first necessary detail of accumulation, is to gather the largest amount of a coin as is possible. As prices are being moved up and down, a trail is left in the order books — and on the charts — for all to see. There is no barrier to buying in during the accumulation phase.

It is that simple, no tomfoolery involved. However, despite how obvious it is that — to succeed — you must buy during accumulation and sell during the distribution phase, it is only the slight minority who commits to filling their warehouses during the accumulation phase.