In launching the operations of the fund, also ensured that the interests of future investors were safeguarded.

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Gold has also been explored in some parts of mining country. It also aims to help informal enterprises transition to formal sector enterprises through access to formal providers of financial services. It is the largest manufacturer of sda ash in Africa. In about 15 percent of the labour force was officially classified as unemployed.

Mining companies in Kenya

Relevant discussion may be found on kenya talk page. The EAC countries are richly endowed with a variety of mineral resources. Investor compensation fund[ edit ] The operations of the investor compensation kenya, which aimed to compensate investors who had lost money to defunct stock brokers such as Nyaga Stock Brokers and Discount Securities Limited, was launched kenya his watch. The three pronged mining of IFMIS include leading to improvements in planning and budgeting, monitoring, evaluation and accountability and budget execution.

Mining in Kenya – Chamber of Mines

In recent years, Kenya’s labour force has shifted from the countryside to the cities, such as Nairobi, as Kenya becomes increasingly urbanised. The Sector looks for many more investors via the use of these procedures.

This Fund is specifically meant to compensate investors who suffer losses resulting from failure of a licensed stockbroker mining dealer to meet his contractual obligations.

Gold is produced primarily by artisanal workers in the west and south western parts of the country, on several small greenstone belts..