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Although prior to company s, some mining was done in the region south of Joliet, Ill. Inthey observed and recorded coal outcrops along the Illinois River. More than 4, coal mines have operated since commercial mining began in Illinois mining ; illinois than 50 are currently active.

However, most undocumented mines were prospect pits or short-term operations that undermined only a few acres. If the address was incorrectly geolocated, you may drag the red address marker to a new location. Largescale commercial lead and zinc mining in the Upper Mississippi Valley Lead and Zinc District began in the s and continued until active mining ceased in Sparks from electrical equipment touched off a pocket of methane gas, killing miners.

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Locations of some features may be offset by feet or more due to errors in the original source maps, the compilation process, digitizing, or a combination of these factors. Areas outside the proximity region also could be undermined. If the Google Maps mining below is not displayed, make sure to enable Javascript on your Internet browser.

For more information including links to coal mine maps and informational directories, coal company maps, and coal logs please see the County Coal Map Series. Inthe worst mining disaster in the state’s history occurred at the Cherry Mine The St Paul Coal Company established the mine in in the mining town of Cherry..