Wait, no, not that kind I take a shower daily, have a beautiful wife, I am in shape I thinkdrink wine in shape you said?

Have a look at my GitHub page to give you an idea of my hobby area. Why am I telling you this?

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Because I have a tech point of view on things, and among them, coins. We, as in “my wife and I”, put a couple of euros in the altcoins market because we do believe it’s going to ramp up, as we can read pretty much everywhere, and despite what old grumpy financial annalists might say, coins are here to stay: A phrase that caught me in this video was “coins are today what the Internet was in the 90’s”.

Turns out I lived these years from the inside as a systems and network administrator, I saw the old and grumpy AS and ISO techs frustration, the Internet bubble burst inbut I also saw the Internet stand up again take over. And here we are. Because the Internet is a community, because it is not only driven by greed and companies selling diapers, but it’s also the most fantastic communication tool ever made available to mankind. So I believe coins will make history too, as a tech, as an Internet historian and as an open minded individual.

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Altcoins backed by ideas like Steemit are definitely the future, a community economy that rewards good will and knowledge. What’s not to love in this?! So now, what does this background tells me, in which direction does it lead my investment?

First one, and I know it’s not really original: A banking clan chosen coin, backed by Google, still affordable. That’s definitely not a tech perspective, only the brain speaking ; Second choice: Its features are impressive yet very pragmatic. The fact that it’s been tested and validated by a large Japanese bank makes it a serious currency to invest in. Interacting with the EVM with the command line is just a bliss.

Another big pro, if the big split draws panic into the market, I still want to be able to trade with a strong coin, so I got myself a couple of ETH for this matter.

Something interesting about the release of that coin is that the abnormal way the ICO went had BAT witness poor debuts, which paradoxically is a good thing as theit next announcement could bring a lot of new blood.

So here we go, like I said, this is an almost-n00bish analysis based on common sense and technical perspective, do not hesitate to share your thoughts on my views, and keep in mind we’re all learning everyday..