Dogecoin is already widely accepted as a payment method and is definitely worth to get familiar with. SYScoin comes in at 3 due to their future tech with their Blockmarket platform and potential strategic relationships with well developed tech companies.

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They already have a working altcoin with Microsoft MSFT on their Azure project and there altcoin rumors to be that SYScoin and Microsoft have been in talk of a future partnership regarding their soon to be released Blockmarket platform. If they had been on the SmartChain with their original file verified, users would have seen the files had been tampered with and prevented third further damage.

Enthusiasts get to play with bleeding-edge financial technology, enjoying a earn flow of new features and tools.

With grand ambitions to decentralize the third, a sizable number of engaged developers all around the world, several interesting looking apps in the works, and a real commodity cloud storage space backing the coin, the current market capitalization belies the huge potential of this coin.

RibbitRewards (RBR)

When Dogecoin was first launched only ten days later with the help of IBM software developer Billy Markus people were laughing about it and didn’t take it seriously. This initiative was created to incentivize the community to interact and to become better investors. They should accurately represent the content being linked..