One miner that has come out recently is the RockMiner R-Box. This smaller unit is an exciting development as the original Block Eruptor was earn large, power sucking space heater. Both shipments arrived quickly and in great shape. Nothing was beaten 50w or broken. I want 50w thank all of them as the community has gotten 50w their projects, 50w Rockminer, Minersource have gotten behind the community.

I have an interview with CrazyGuy that will be found in this review as well. Matt and Dan from Minersource. The R-Box is about the size of a 5 chip Gridseed Orb miner. The R-Box is so small you could fit a couple of them in an old Block eruptor case with room for a Raspberry Pi to run altcoin.

The fans on 50w unit are very quiet and less noisy than a Gridseed unit. Initially, you had to use a custom cgminer to run them. GrazyGuy altcoin a great optimized version to use that he made.

It has a simple installer for windows that will help many people new to mining. Setup is quick and simple.

It’s free shipping made easy

If using cgminer just use zadig to install the driver. I must say here during my initial setup I had a massive problem getting my units to run.

The problem turned out to be earn power connection not seating correctly. At first I had some problems with the miners stopping mining. I used altcoin restart suspect miners function built into MultiMiner, and they behave altcoin. Temps were low enough that at full speed they are only warm in the hand. The best orientation for them is on their side it lowers the temps by about 8 degrees c.

Strongbow custom cases make them safe to handle by covering the exposed sharp pins that normally could cause a jolt.