We need new and better ways to measure economic and social progress. In particular, we need to capture a more comprehensive picture of the challenges facing people in their daily lives. Are they equipped to keep up with the demands of a changing labour market? Are we effectively removing barriers to employment so that everyone who wants a job can get one? And is available work well-paying, with equal opportunity for women and men?

There is no perfect set of indicators. What is important is that, together, we take a broad enough view of the challenges facing people. With better ways to measure growth, we can make better policy decisions — ones that make a real difference in the lives of people — while holding governments accountable for putting people first.

As a starting place for further work, we will discuss in Charlevoix how best to track and report on measures of economic prosperity that reflect broader and more complete aspects of well-being.

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How we get there may vary. But in the end, the goal we must all strive toward is clear: Conclusion As leaders of the G7, we share a fundamental responsibility to create growth that benefits everyone, and in particular those most at risk of being left behind. Solutions must flow from these institutions — free and fair trade, international cooperation, and liberal democracy itself.

They have formed the bedrock of our economic and social prosperity, and offered unprecedented stability — an essential ingredient for growth and progress. In Charlevoix, we must stand up for the rules-based international order, remain beacons of democratic principles and human rights, and work together to remove the barriers that keep people — particularly women, girls, and marginalized individuals — from participating fully in the global economy.

We must ensure that new challenges, put up by the rapidly changing, increasingly digital economy, do not result in people being left behind. Great for instant conversion.


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