You can use this new crypto to join other players and use a free simulation game in which you can simulate a cryptocurrency trading market. Altcoin Fantasy is a game that was created with the goal of letting users test their abilities as a cryptocurrency trader. The game creates a simulation of the market that makes virtual transactions with fake tokens.

The company is often promoting contests. Tune Tokens are tokens created to solve digital songwriter rights transparency issues primarily, but in this case, they are being used as the rewards for the games that Altcoin Fantasy is creating. The partnership between the two companies was made because of the upcoming tournament.

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The game is actually very simple. It consists in trading many cryptocurrencies which are real to get the best profit. You win the game if you end up with more money than your adversaries. While the exchanges are not real, you will use real stats based on the Binance exchange. This will reward the players who are smarter when they have to trade tokens. The whole reason the game exists is as a ludic way for players to improve their skills as traders because they will have all the freedom that they want without the risks of losing real money in this game.

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You can play the game for free. There is no catch. This initiative was created to incentivize the community to interact and to become better investors. As the prizes are not very big, the company is not really having a big loss for not charging anything from the players because it has not invested a lot of money in the game in the first place.