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BerichtnavigatieRead the Full Post at: Introduction Congratulations on owning some Bitcoins and being a part of this Global Revolution! If you don’t already own one, buy one easily from an exchange like Bitstamp. Once you own Bitcoins, you can easily trade them for any available Alternative Cryptocurrency from an altcoin exchange like Cryptsy. I like

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And nobody wants to be the one who is left holding it. Meet FOMO fear of missing out: But what do we do now? Very simple, Keep moving forward. Needless to say, the next step is usually the bright red candle which sells through the whole order book. This statement tells the story of the

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Since its ICO to till date, it has grown tremendously and is now placed in top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in the trading. One of the strongest exchange that also offers a mobile app.7 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Trading CryptocurrencyAs of today there are almost altcoin different altcoins have world issued to the market. Due to

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You’ve successfully submitted a support ticket.Tamer Sameeh April 30, in ArticlesFeatured 20 Comments Altcoin flipping can be a highly rewarding way to make money online. Throughout this tutorial, I will present you with some useful tips that can help you make good profits via altcoin flipping. Dividing your capital into trading lots: Whatever the amount

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Whatever the amount of your capital, I recommend dividing them into five equal trading lots. So, if your capital equals one bitcoin, you will divide them into five equal trading lots; 0. My strategy is to use 4 lots to buy 4 different coins and leave the fifth lot to use whenever good trade entry

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Once you agree, the file is added and the cookie helps analyse web traffic or lets you know when you visit a particular site. Cookies allow web applications to respond to you as an individual. The web application can tailor its operations to your needs, likes and dislikes by gathering and remembering information about your

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If enough users left Bitcoin for a particular altcoin, the Bitcoin developers would have to adopt the features the community desired or risk losing its place as the preeminent cryptocurrency. Namecoin was the first altcoin. It seeks to decentralize the world of online identities. What Was the First Altcoin? Created in AprilNamecoin was the first

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Although bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency on the market, there are several different alternative digital coins trade available on the market. Altcoins have the similar background as bitcoin, they are all based on blockchain technology although different technical algorithms and features are associated with each altcoin. As of today there are almost thousand different altcoins

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They are highly volatile, fast paced markets, in which a lot of money can be made in a short space of time. Investors are using sites like KoCurrency which is designed to make cryptocurrecny price predictions in order to help them maximize profile and reduce risk. But make no mistake: Trading on a decentralized exchange

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The point here is to show the rest of the team that you are engaged and not just a warm body on the team.Altcoin Social Media FeedsTo earn the trust and respect of the team, the best remote devs take on more than just what is required to show the rest of the team that